thoughts on originality

i don’t usually like to rant, but the concept of originality is an itch i have to scratch. and i feel like if i type away my thoughts, i can move on with my life. so here’t goes: my thoughts (ramblings?) on originality.

ok, is it just me, or does it seem like everything worth anything has already been thought of or done before in some way, shape or form. i see something cool, something new all the time– but then i remember, it’s probably just new to the mainstream. some little artist living in a cottage in whoville (who probs doesn’t know how to properly market themselves or copyright their work) probably published something before the hip blogger stumbled upon the idea.

it makes me wonder if there can ever be anything truly original anymore. it’s just people spinning through the same channels of inspiration and stumbling upon similar ideas. take a basic blog post for example, like my post about spring cleaning. i bet there are thousands of blog posts, magazine articles, tweets, instagrams, facebook statuses, tv episodes, etc., about spring cleaning. and they all say almost the same exact things. so is *new* content even original? if it’s the same ideas, just spun in different words? and how many ways are there to really “spin” spring cleaning?

blog posts about things like spring cleaning are kind of funny when you think about it. how things that are so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things become trending topics for a week, then vanish for 12 months. like, what?! how do so many people, have so many things to say about spring cleaning??? and why do they care?

i want to believe that there are still opportunities to be original out there…they’re just way harder to find. i think the best bet for embracing originality is being yourself. even if you have the same idea as someone else, their idea won’t be nearly as YOU as yours is. i know, that’s cliche, but seriously!! it’s all about taking the inspiration you have for something and finding ways to channel it … everyone has that one person they follow on instagram that you see and think to yourself, “uh, GOALS!!” so take those goals, and improve upon them (aka learn from their insta-failures). being original doesn’t have to mean it’s the very first time anyone has ever thought of or done something. it can mean replicating something you like or a style you admire, in your own way.

i guess what made me think of this is that recently i’ve been doing my darnedest to be original. but writing this made me realize, i already am original. so what if every other blogger on the west coast wrote a post about spring cleaning? i wrote about my OWN thoughts on it and how i think it should be done. if someone else has a similar method, then great!! we can celebrate our cleaning methods together over raspberry scones and swiffers.


moll nell


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