glossier, yay!

finally, my much awaited glossier phase 1 set came in the mail! because it’s somewhat of a new brand and the products are just starting to get out there in the world, i figured what the heck- i’ll give ’em a review.

let me just start out by saying, wow. WOW. thank you emily weiss, and thank you g team. not to get ahead of myself, but 10/10 would recommend, 10/10 would swear by these products. alright enough shameless glossier accolades, let’s get down to the deets.


soothing face mist

it smells like you’re spraying a straight up bouquet of flowers on your face!!! what more do you need to know!!? no but seriously. i have combination skin (i.e. zits & easily dried out & eczema) and this is the perfect base before moisturizer. on extra dry days, before i started using glossier, i would dampen my face a little bit before applying moisturizer just to get a little more dewey look. the soothing face mist is the best upgrade i could have asked for. it has aloe which helps soothe your skin, especially if you’re prone to redness (like me).

priming moisturizer

this moisturizer feels like you’re spreading fairy fluff and magic mushrooms on your skin. a little goes a loongggg way which makes it perfect for layering. i like how glossier describes it as having a “cushiony effect,” because that’s exactly right. and personally, it instantly brightens my skin without making me look oily or feel like i have a ton of gook on my face. only negative: no spf. 😦 come on, glossier! i’m hoping they come out with a sunscreen soon…or release a new priming moisturizer with added spf! not trynna damage the derm, ya feel?

balm dotcom

ok, this baby is 100/10 in my book. it comes out of it’s little tube like beeswax and goes on great as a lip balm, for one. and for two, it’s JUST what my skin is begging for when it gets those saharan desert like dry patches. i like to apply the balm dotcom before my priming moisturizer, by dabbing it on the dry areas after spritzing with soothing face mist. that way it blends together nicely and there aren’t any weird waxy spots.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

perfecting skin tint

drum roll please….!!! the perfecting skin tint is just that, perfecting. it comes out of it’s little squirty tube a little watery, so i like to tilt my head back and put it right on my face and then blend in an up and outward motion with my fingers. when my skin is having a good day, it evens and brightens my skin tone. unfortunately for me, on a bad dry day, it can highlight my dry spots and make my skin look somewhat lizard like. what i love about the good days though, is that it doesn’t hide my skin completely. it’s honest. it lets my freckles and little imperfections peak through a little, which i love to embrace.


being a true glossier girl means loving the skin your in and just wanting it to be the best skin that it can!! i know it’s corny, but foreal, imperfection is beauty.

obviously, this was a very biased post because i’m in love with the glossier brand and with my girl em’ weiss. so try it out for yourself! let me know what your glossier routine looks like in the comments below 🙂

happy spring!


moll nell


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