spring cleaning

spring break is over, which means spring is here!! back to work, back to school, and (ugh) back to reality. the only thing that’s keeping me going this first week back is knowing that the temperature will only continue to go up from here! and the start of warm weather means it’s that time of year for some serious spring cleaning. i’m talking the whole shebang, but of course, dorm style. here’s my guide to spring cleaning your dorm room for a fresh start.

1. we’ll start from the top, down. pick up a window cleaner from your local convenience store and wipe down those windows. clear any clutter off your windowsill or hanging in your windows to freshen up your space and allow for more spring light! if it’s a nice day, leave your windows open for the rest of your spring cleaning venture to give your room more air flow.

2. up next: bedding. wash all your sheets (i like to use flowery smelling fabric softener for a springy feel). shake out your comforter. shake out your mattress pad, and wash anything that has a tag saying “washing machine safe.” just to be safe. take your mattress off the bed frame and disinfect the entire bed frame. then fluff your pillows and comforter before making your bed.

3. i know no one wants to get to this step, but it’s a must for a proper spring cleaning. that’s right: the closet. this step requires a trusted buddy who knows you better than you know yourself. start with any items that still have tags on them. or have holes worn in them. or are broken or tattered in some way. make three piles: one for goodwill, one to sell at a local consignment shop, and one for keeps. as you sort through your clothes, ask yourself: have i ever worn this before? will i wear this again? is it practical? do i really love it? do i need it?… if you finish with only one item in the donate or sell pile, try again and raise your standards for the keep pile.

4. now the desk. notes from a class last term? file away (think an actual file or binder, not stuffed behind the textbooks you’ve never opened) if they’re beautiful, and recycle away if they’re chicken scratch. those gently loved textbooks? resell or hand down to a friend. dust all your surfaces, even the ones that don’t look dusty!

5. last but not least, the floor. grab your roommate or a friend and start by shaking your rugs out. make sure all the clutter is off the floor then sweep sweep sweep away the winter vibes. if you want to go an extra step, borrow a mop from the janitor’s closet and really clean the floor. put your rugs back in place and voila!

now doesn’t that feel better? there’s no better way to freshen up your dorm room and get ready for the final weeks before summer!

have an idea i missed? share your spring cleaning tips below!


moll nell


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