reflection and inspiration

reflection & inspiration

as the term comes to a close, i’ve been reflecting on the classes i took, what i’ve learned, and what i’ll take away with me in future classes. winter term was about a thousand times harder than fall term for me, both academically and emotionally.

academically because i decided to take five classes this term, one of them being calculus. which is so. hard. winter term was emotionally challenging because it was hard to get back in the groove of school after being home for a glorious three weeks. i made matters worse for myself by wallowing in my homesickness and negativity about school, but by week three i pulled myself together. what really inspired me was my friends (hi guys!) and my favorite class i took this term, j100 media professions.

my friends all seemed to be on a health and exercise kick at the beginning of the term (maybe because everyone had access to scales over the break… freshman 15 anyone?). so naturally, i found myself encouraged and motivated to do the same. let me tell you – exercise has low key changed my life. when i don’t go to the gym or get outdoors for a brisk walk, i’m more negative, sluggish, unproductive, and just a whole slew of things that would make you want to cancel plans with me. but when i’m active, i’m more motivated to tackle my day and GSD!

as for my favorite class, it inspired me because it gave me some of the best advice i’ve ever received. never have i felt more capable to reach for the moon, and actually get to the moon. instead of land in the stars. the class consisted of lectures given by either professionals or professors in the journalism and media field twice a week. i’ve collected a couple pictures of their presentations and some of my favorite quotes from the class to share with you and motivate you to go out there and achieve!!

  • “ideas over ego.” – deborah morrison
  • “it’s not what we say, it’s how you tell each other.”
  • “have creative courage.” – deborah morrison
  • “study the traditions.” – hector tobar
  • “failure is a beautiful tool.” – deborah morrison
  • “research your options. it’s your life. maybe take up kayaking.” – bill ryan
  • “be brave and generous.” – deborah morrison
  • “find a place [to work] where you’re still learning.” – kathryn kuttis
  • “it’s all about calculated risk.” – john spelich
  • “just because you’re the center of the map doesn’t mean you’re the center of the world.”
  • “don’t bring dirty laundry to an interview.” – steven asbury
  • “you don’t need permission to do stuff… be dogged, resolved, make sacrifices.” – bill ryan

a slide from bill ryan’s presentation


a slide from bill ryan’s presentation


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