march minimalist challenge

march minimalist challenge

starting march 1st, i will be embarking on a 30-day minimalism challenge (thanks to into mind). i know what you’re thinking…

… molly is the least minimalistic person i know! … she won’t last two weeks … you mean the molly that loves sparkles and gold and fanciful designs is going minimalist for a whole month? … 

jeez, thanks for all the support guys! 😉 just kidding. but seriously, i could use some support while i’m completing my challenge! i encourage you all to try it with me, we could all use a little decluttering and reminder of what’s really important in life. while i don’t strive to actually live a completely minimalistic life everyday, i do recognize the importance of learning to live with less and acting with intent.

here’s the challenge i found on into mind:


if you decide to do it with me, comment below! i’ll be tracking my progress periodically on instagram and of course will keep you all updated on here.

wish me luck!!


molly nell


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