photo editing discovery: retromatic !

retromatic feature image (1)

hello all, and happy friday!

the weather is weirdly sunny and beautiful in the eug… almost too sunny… the weather gods are up to something. oops better not jinx it, definitely can’t complain about the lack of rain up here in the pnw.

the news: i’ve found an exciting new app! it’s called “retromatic,” and i’m low key (ok, maybe high key) obsessed with it at the moment. what it does is take a sad, boring, plain picture and turn it into your very own piece of pop art! and it’s all on your phone! unfortunately, said app is not free. 😦 but if you ask me, your pictures will be so unique it’s worth the $1.99–don’t pretend to have used up that last itunes gift card from the sixth grade before we discovered “youtube to mp3” websites.

here’s some of my favorite edits! post your retromatic edits to instagram and tag them #mollnell for a chance to get featured on my instagram.


IMG_2991  IMG_3003






molly nell


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