cool links on the interwebs

okay so you know those people who tell you some random fact and then you ask, “wait where’d you hear that?” and they say they read about it on the internet… yeah… contrary to popular belief, the glorious interwebs DOES lie sometimes. mind blowing, i know. however, sometimes it doesn’t lie. and some of those times it’s not lying or spamming you or giving you a play by play of your ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s cousin’s sister’s trip to hawaii via the fb, it can be pretty cool. so here’s a collection of some of my favorite links, you should check them out.

no seriously, check them out. they’re very cool!!

1. mapiful : create and design your own map poster… ok, can you say topo-design-o-grapher? that’d be you- after you design your own map. add it to your resume.

2. drinkify : the ultimate mood drink for your music. who comes up with this stuff???

3. the quiet place : don’t break the rules on this one!! follow. every. step.

4. everyone’s mixtape : “mixtape” sounds cooler than “playlist,” don’t question it.

5. rainy mood : for those times where you need a good cry and it’s just too darn sunny outside.

6. the psychology of color : my favorite color and it’s description matched my personality perfectly. (in case you were wondering my fav color is peach)

any cool websites i missed? comment with the link!


molly nell


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