valentine’s day craft ideas


in the spirit of healthy relationships week, and as valentine’s day approaches, i thought i’d feature a few of my favorite love themed craft ideas. i have a few surprises for some of my friends, so i won’t spoil it by sharing what i’m planning just yet! but not to worry, you’ll be the first to know what craftiness i was up to as soon as they receive their valentines.

of course, these valentine’s crafts are all things you can try in a dorm room so all you could possibly need for these ideas can be found at your campus art supply store!


♥ the classic, handprint heart valentine’s day card

this one is easy peasy lemon squeezy. here’s the how to:

1. fold a fun colored piece of paper the hamburger way (you know, so it’s fat not skinny).

2. trace your hand on the paper with your thumb touching the folded side.

3. cut along the line, and voila!


♥ tried & true’s “i love everything about you” coloring print

download this awesome print for free by clicking the tried & true link above! so cute and c’mon who doesn’t love coloring.


♥ made vibrant’s printable DIY mad lib valentine’s day card

yay for goofy/personalized valentine’s cards. another free printable, so get those printers warmed up and full of ink!


♥ a paper heart garland


not only is this idea s’cute, its s’easy! ignore the top half of mine, somethin’ funky happens to the paper in my dorm because the air is so moist (darn rain). you might not remember, but we all did this craft in kindergarten. here’s a quick reminder:

1. cut up pieces of paper into one inch strips. (use whatever colors float your boat. i think it’d be fun it mix and match with pink and red)

2. fold them all in half.

2. take your handy dandy stapler and staple two strips together, one strip tucked inside the other. then pull the loose ends of the outside strip down and around and hold them in position.

3. take another folded strip and tuck the loose ends into the crease, then staple.

4. keep doing this till you run out of strips of paper, or till your garland is at a length of your liking!

5. woo garlands!

have a very happy and crafty healthy relationships week, and get excited for valentine’s day! spread lots of love. :* mwah!


molly nell


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