twenty facts

 here’s twenty things about me. they’re random, yes, but true nonetheless! comment the number if we have something in common!

1. i love the wind. it makes me feel so alive and like the sky is dancing and twirling and the clouds are the sky’s skirt as it spins.

2. i get super into the food i eat and make happy noises when it’s extra good. all about that yum.

3. i traveled around the world for nine months in fifth grade while being homeschooled by my parents. it was just us: me, my mom and my dad and our three giant suitcases that we lived out of while we traveled. where we went: mexico, costa rica, ecuador (including the galapagos islands), chile (visited patagonia way down south), new zealand, australia, bali, thailand, india, italy, germany, austria, england, france and switzerland.

4. i’m a big list maker and like to color code anything and everything. my planner is my diary and sometimes even my best friend. people say, “oh, wow, you’re so organized!” …sure…and i’m just really good at procrastinating.

5. kate spade is my absolute favorite designer.

6. i’m low key addicted to pad thai. and thai iced tea.

7. my favorite tv shows that i have watched, or currently watch are as follows: gossip girl, bob’s burgers, parks & rec, breaking bad, greek, desperate housewives, the carrie diaries, new girl, spongebob, grey’s anatomy, and of course, friends.

8. i once held a baby ostrich on a small farm in new zealand. it was spiky and cute.

9. i’ve been stung by a bee twice. and i’ve never broken a bone. oh yeah and i’m an only child.

10. my first phone was a red lg shine…and after a string of short lived relationships with various phones i’ve upgraded to a glorious gold iphone 5S.

11. when i was in middle school i would come home and eat a hot pocket while watching spongebob everyday after school. then i’d wash the hotpocket down by eating ice cream out of the carton. oh, youth…

12. my favorite colors (in no particular order): peach, pink, orange, gold and sea foam green.

13. i’m a recovering shopaholic…who occasionally relapses (ha ha everyone laughs except my bank account).

14. i use wayyy too many exclamation points when i text or type messages to people just ‘cause i get so darn excited and want to show that my insides are bubbling with joy!

15. my favorite way to fall asleep is to the sound of rain.

16. my daddy-o bought me my got my dream car in the summer of 2014 (!), a volkswagen bus (!!). she was a beautiful ’77 margarita green gal named “nelly.” we were a match made in heaven because my middle name is nell! sadly, nelly now belongs to a lovely british fireman who lives in london. cheerio, old nell, i’ll miss you in california.

17. my favorite numbers are 17, 21, and 7.

18. i have had three cats in my life: fred (a fat grey and white cat…RIP thanks for dealing with me as a toddler), scooby (a feisty, feral, brown tabby cat who passed away two years ago), and bella (fluffy, white and grey, sassy and sleepy). and one dog: maggie, a happy chocolate lab with a bottomless stomach that doesn’t understand the concept of fetch.

19. i love all types of music, especially stuff you can sing along to or connect to.

20. i want to work in the fashion industry when I’m out of college…more than anything i want to work for a magazine or a big designer… (kate spade holla at me! please!!)


molly nell


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