a spencer’s butte adventure

last saturday, i hiked up spencer’s butte with two of my best friends at UO. knowing the three of us, i expected plenty of humor, appreciation of nature, and of course, the occasional complaint about this or that. little did i know the near death (no not really, i’m exaggerating) experience we would face! *cue dramatic music*

so here’s a general hiking rule of thumb: know what trail you’re supposed to take. our first mistake. picture this, molly, anna, and paige– la di da, skipping up to the trail head. we shrug at each other and decide the best way to get up the mountain is to the left, ignoring the sign saying “difficult route.” and there begins our adventure straight up the mountain side. we scrambled over sheer rock faces that were covered in mud, thanks to the help of a handsome mountain man, and tried to keep pace with a girl who really looked like she’d done this before.

after lots of mud and panting and comments about how we really weren’t used to hiking in this altitude, we made it to the top! the view was incredible. it was blue skies and sunny, a special treat for eugene in january. we soaked up the sun and admired the view, i even facetimed my dad for a minute to share it with him! needless to say, we came down the easy side (it took us less than 20 minutes).

i’d highly recommend this hike to anyone visiting eugene! it’s a quick hike (took us about 35 minutes to get up the hard side) with a gorgeous view.

we ended the hike covered in mud and laughing; it was definitely one for the books.


molly nell




more treez & sunlight


me being a billygoat


anna & i




i ❤ anna


90 degree angles..


reppin’ the ducks


anna, paige & i


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