hi how are you

hello friends and family!
it’s molly!

welcome to the humble beginnings of my very first blog, i’m so happy you could come. feel free to click around and make yourself at home, and even share with your friends!

after many months of procrastinating and deliberation over different blog names, i’ve finally decided on the personal url of “mollnell” and the title of “mollycoddled.” and voila! the blog was born.

my goal with this blog is to share all the pretty things i stumble upon as i feel my way through young adulthood and to inspire others to share their finding as well! i hope to feature: fashion forward looks, yummy recipes, at home spa treatments, travels, some DIYs (for my crafty readers), and maybe even a few personal anecdotes along the way.

i hope you’ll enjoy my blog, i know i’ll certainly enjoy writing it!

molly nell

in case you were wondering, here’s merriam-webster’s definition of mollycoddle…


verb: to treat (someone) with more kindness and attention than is appropriate : to treat (someone) too nicely or gently


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