thoughts on originality

i don’t usually like to rant, but the concept of originality is an itch i have to scratch. and i feel like if i type away my thoughts, i can move on with my life. so here’t goes: my thoughts (ramblings?) on originality.

ok, is it just me, or does it seem like everything worth anything has already been thought of or done before in some way, shape or form. i see something cool, something new all the time– but then i remember, it’s probably just new to the mainstream. some little artist living in a cottage in whoville (who probs doesn’t know how to properly market themselves or copyright their work) probably published something before the hip blogger stumbled upon the idea.

it makes me wonder if there can ever be anything truly original anymore. it’s just people spinning through the same channels of inspiration and stumbling upon similar ideas. take a basic blog post for example, like my post about spring cleaning. i bet there are thousands of blog posts, magazine articles, tweets, instagrams, facebook statuses, tv episodes, etc., about spring cleaning. and they all say almost the same exact things. so is *new* content even original? if it’s the same ideas, just spun in different words? and how many ways are there to really “spin” spring cleaning?

blog posts about things like spring cleaning are kind of funny when you think about it. how things that are so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things become trending topics for a week, then vanish for 12 months. like, what?! how do so many people, have so many things to say about spring cleaning??? and why do they care?

i want to believe that there are still opportunities to be original out there…they’re just way harder to find. i think the best bet for embracing originality is being yourself. even if you have the same idea as someone else, their idea won’t be nearly as YOU as yours is. i know, that’s cliche, but seriously!! it’s all about taking the inspiration you have for something and finding ways to channel it … everyone has that one person they follow on instagram that you see and think to yourself, “uh, GOALS!!” so take those goals, and improve upon them (aka learn from their insta-failures). being original doesn’t have to mean it’s the very first time anyone has ever thought of or done something. it can mean replicating something you like or a style you admire, in your own way.

i guess what made me think of this is that recently i’ve been doing my darnedest to be original. but writing this made me realize, i already am original. so what if every other blogger on the west coast wrote a post about spring cleaning? i wrote about my OWN thoughts on it and how i think it should be done. if someone else has a similar method, then great!! we can celebrate our cleaning methods together over raspberry scones and swiffers.


moll nell


glossier, yay!

finally, my much awaited glossier phase 1 set came in the mail! because it’s somewhat of a new brand and the products are just starting to get out there in the world, i figured what the heck- i’ll give ’em a review.

let me just start out by saying, wow. WOW. thank you emily weiss, and thank you g team. not to get ahead of myself, but 10/10 would recommend, 10/10 would swear by these products. alright enough shameless glossier accolades, let’s get down to the deets.


soothing face mist

it smells like you’re spraying a straight up bouquet of flowers on your face!!! what more do you need to know!!? no but seriously. i have combination skin (i.e. zits & easily dried out & eczema) and this is the perfect base before moisturizer. on extra dry days, before i started using glossier, i would dampen my face a little bit before applying moisturizer just to get a little more dewey look. the soothing face mist is the best upgrade i could have asked for. it has aloe which helps soothe your skin, especially if you’re prone to redness (like me).

priming moisturizer

this moisturizer feels like you’re spreading fairy fluff and magic mushrooms on your skin. a little goes a loongggg way which makes it perfect for layering. i like how glossier describes it as having a “cushiony effect,” because that’s exactly right. and personally, it instantly brightens my skin without making me look oily or feel like i have a ton of gook on my face. only negative: no spf. 😦 come on, glossier! i’m hoping they come out with a sunscreen soon…or release a new priming moisturizer with added spf! not trynna damage the derm, ya feel?

balm dotcom

ok, this baby is 100/10 in my book. it comes out of it’s little tube like beeswax and goes on great as a lip balm, for one. and for two, it’s JUST what my skin is begging for when it gets those saharan desert like dry patches. i like to apply the balm dotcom before my priming moisturizer, by dabbing it on the dry areas after spritzing with soothing face mist. that way it blends together nicely and there aren’t any weird waxy spots.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

perfecting skin tint

drum roll please….!!! the perfecting skin tint is just that, perfecting. it comes out of it’s little squirty tube a little watery, so i like to tilt my head back and put it right on my face and then blend in an up and outward motion with my fingers. when my skin is having a good day, it evens and brightens my skin tone. unfortunately for me, on a bad dry day, it can highlight my dry spots and make my skin look somewhat lizard like. what i love about the good days though, is that it doesn’t hide my skin completely. it’s honest. it lets my freckles and little imperfections peak through a little, which i love to embrace.


being a true glossier girl means loving the skin your in and just wanting it to be the best skin that it can!! i know it’s corny, but foreal, imperfection is beauty.

obviously, this was a very biased post because i’m in love with the glossier brand and with my girl em’ weiss. so try it out for yourself! let me know what your glossier routine looks like in the comments below 🙂

happy spring!


moll nell

spring cleaning

spring break is over, which means spring is here!! back to work, back to school, and (ugh) back to reality. the only thing that’s keeping me going this first week back is knowing that the temperature will only continue to go up from here! and the start of warm weather means it’s that time of year for some serious spring cleaning. i’m talking the whole shebang, but of course, dorm style. here’s my guide to spring cleaning your dorm room for a fresh start.

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reflection and inspiration

reflection & inspiration

as the term comes to a close, i’ve been reflecting on the classes i took, what i’ve learned, and what i’ll take away with me in future classes. winter term was about a thousand times harder than fall term for me, both academically and emotionally.

academically because i decided to take five classes this term, one of them being calculus. which is so. hard. winter term was emotionally challenging because it was hard to get back in the groove of school after being home for a glorious three weeks. i made matters worse for myself by wallowing in my homesickness and negativity about school, but by week three i pulled myself together. what really inspired me was my friends (hi guys!) and my favorite class i took this term, j100 media professions.

my friends all seemed to be on a health and exercise kick at the beginning of the term (maybe because everyone had access to scales over the break… freshman 15 anyone?). so naturally, i found myself encouraged and motivated to do the same. let me tell you – exercise has low key changed my life. when i don’t go to the gym or get outdoors for a brisk walk, i’m more negative, sluggish, unproductive, and just a whole slew of things that would make you want to cancel plans with me. but when i’m active, i’m more motivated to tackle my day and GSD!

as for my favorite class, it inspired me because it gave me some of the best advice i’ve ever received. never have i felt more capable to reach for the moon, and actually get to the moon. instead of land in the stars. the class consisted of lectures given by either professionals or professors in the journalism and media field twice a week. i’ve collected a couple pictures of their presentations and some of my favorite quotes from the class to share with you and motivate you to go out there and achieve!!

  • “ideas over ego.” – deborah morrison
  • “it’s not what we say, it’s how you tell each other.”
  • “have creative courage.” – deborah morrison
  • “study the traditions.” – hector tobar
  • “failure is a beautiful tool.” – deborah morrison
  • “research your options. it’s your life. maybe take up kayaking.” – bill ryan
  • “be brave and generous.” – deborah morrison
  • “find a place [to work] where you’re still learning.” – kathryn kuttis
  • “it’s all about calculated risk.” – john spelich
  • “just because you’re the center of the map doesn’t mean you’re the center of the world.”
  • “don’t bring dirty laundry to an interview.” – steven asbury
  • “you don’t need permission to do stuff… be dogged, resolved, make sacrifices.” – bill ryan

a slide from bill ryan’s presentation


a slide from bill ryan’s presentation

march minimalist challenge

march minimalist challenge

starting march 1st, i will be embarking on a 30-day minimalism challenge (thanks to into mind). i know what you’re thinking…

… molly is the least minimalistic person i know! … she won’t last two weeks … you mean the molly that loves sparkles and gold and fanciful designs is going minimalist for a whole month? … 

jeez, thanks for all the support guys! 😉 just kidding. but seriously, i could use some support while i’m completing my challenge! i encourage you all to try it with me, we could all use a little decluttering and reminder of what’s really important in life. while i don’t strive to actually live a completely minimalistic life everyday, i do recognize the importance of learning to live with less and acting with intent.

here’s the challenge i found on into mind:


if you decide to do it with me, comment below! i’ll be tracking my progress periodically on instagram and of course will keep you all updated on here.

wish me luck!!


molly nell

makeup review : urban decay, tarte, beautyblender and benefit


hellllooo to all and happy humpday ! only 2 days till the weekend…only 2 days until i can get a good nights rest. luckily for me, and for all you followers like me that survive off minimal sleep and countless vanilla lattes, makeup has granted us with the power to disguise our disgraceful sleeping habits. here’s the scoop on some of my new favorite products that help me look fresh faced and ready to take on the day.

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photo editing discovery: retromatic !

retromatic feature image (1)

hello all, and happy friday!

the weather is weirdly sunny and beautiful in the eug… almost too sunny… the weather gods are up to something. oops better not jinx it, definitely can’t complain about the lack of rain up here in the pnw.

the news: i’ve found an exciting new app! it’s called “retromatic,” and i’m low key (ok, maybe high key) obsessed with it at the moment. what it does is take a sad, boring, plain picture and turn it into your very own piece of pop art! and it’s all on your phone! unfortunately, said app is not free. 😦 but if you ask me, your pictures will be so unique it’s worth the $1.99–don’t pretend to have used up that last itunes gift card from the sixth grade before we discovered “youtube to mp3” websites.

here’s some of my favorite edits! post your retromatic edits to instagram and tag them #mollnell for a chance to get featured on my instagram.


IMG_2991  IMG_3003






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cool links on the interwebs

okay so you know those people who tell you some random fact and then you ask, “wait where’d you hear that?” and they say they read about it on the internet… yeah… contrary to popular belief, the glorious interwebs DOES lie sometimes. mind blowing, i know. however, sometimes it doesn’t lie. and some of those times it’s not lying or spamming you or giving you a play by play of your ex-boyfriend’s best friend’s cousin’s sister’s trip to hawaii via the fb, it can be pretty cool. so here’s a collection of some of my favorite links, you should check them out.

no seriously, check them out. they’re very cool!!

1. mapiful : create and design your own map poster… ok, can you say topo-design-o-grapher? that’d be you- after you design your own map. add it to your resume.

2. drinkify : the ultimate mood drink for your music. who comes up with this stuff???

3. the quiet place : don’t break the rules on this one!! follow. every. step.

4. everyone’s mixtape : “mixtape” sounds cooler than “playlist,” don’t question it.

5. rainy mood : for those times where you need a good cry and it’s just too darn sunny outside.

6. the psychology of color : my favorite color and it’s description matched my personality perfectly. (in case you were wondering my fav color is peach)

any cool websites i missed? comment with the link!


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the “quesa-de-pizza”

what is a ” quesa-de-pizza ” you may ask? well it’s only one of the most deliciously hearty meals you can make for yourself, and i’m going to teach you how.

what you need…

  • 2 tortillas
  • 1 egg
  • some type of meat (unless you’re a veggie), i used pork here
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • cheese
  • avocado (unfourtunately, this lovely ingredient was lacking in my quesa-de-pizza)

how it’s done…

  1. start by heating the tortillas in a pan. once you’ve warmed the first and the second is still in the pan, distribute cheese evenly over the tortilla.
  2. in the mean time, crack an egg into another pan with the heat a little higher than low. in this demonstration i made a fried egg, however, you may make your egg any way you like!
  3. once you notice the cheese start to sweat a little, add your choice of meat on top.
  4. now your egg should be about ready and your cheese should be melted. take the tortilla stacked with goodies off the pan and place it on your plate. while you wait for your egg to finish cooking, warm the other tortilla in the pan.
  5. once your egg is ready to go, place it on top of the meat and the newly warmed tortilla on top of that! now you have what looks like a fancy as heck quesadilla.
  6. scoop salsa on the top tortilla and spread it evenly, like you would to tomato sauce on a pizza.
  7. now if you’re feeling extra cheesy when you make this, sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese on top and pop it in the toaster oven until you see the top is melted!
  8. a dollop of sour cream and either a couple hot peppers or slices of fresh avocado for icing on the cake…and bon appetite!

sooo… does that look yummy or what?

share pictures of your yummy quesa-de-pizzas on instagram with the hashtag #mollnell 🙂



molly nell

p.s. now i’m reallly hungry.

caught the v-day feels

i couldn’t help myself. all the posts about love and flowers and being someone’s valentine made me fall head over heels and darn caught the feels (not proud of this one, but i’m a sucker for rhymes). without further adieu, here’s some of my fav v-day inspired pics. happy friday!


molly nell

p.s. “be my baby” by the ronettes is my fav song at the moment.











His pledge to her: i will kill the spiders. i will share my fries with you when you’ve finished all yours and are still hungry. i won’t ever pop my collar. i will never be rude to your tummy- when i hear it growl and gurgle. i promise to bend down and reply respectfully. i will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza. i will kiss the papercuts. and the door-slammed finger, and the counter-bumped hip. i’ll try my hardest not to get annoyed when you whisper questions and comments during movies. i will be the big spoon. i will let you win at wrestling, sometimes. other times i will not. i will go faster. harder. i will pull when you want. and tease you when you don’t. i will send you random texts and leave you silly gifts. not always. not on schedule. just whenever i want to. whenever i think you need one. or seven. i will check your tire pressure. and remind you to take your car in. i will hold your hand. i will love you. i will love you. i will love you.